Tuesday, March 01, 2005

baguio blues 2

in a nutshell, Baguio was an unexpected treat. just so i can say i've been there, i visited all the usual tourist places - mine's view park...burnham park...SM City Baguio. yes, i would proffer that Henry Sy's life work has proclaimed itself quite strongly as a must-see and must-visit in the summer capital, despite being somewhat of an out-of-place monstrosity. because of its strategic position, though, one could get a breathtaking view of the city. i pretty much just soaked in the sights for over an hour, sipping my cappuccino in one of those overpriced cafes at the topmost floor.

something happened then and there that i cannot discuss at length here. suffice to say that, under the circumstances, it was just what i needed.

lunch (on both days i was there) was at "cafe by the ruins," a quaint local restaurant i first heard about from one of my idol howie severino's packaged reports. i wasn't disappointed; the stuffed chicken was sumptuous, the green salad, fresh and mouth-watering.

my journey back home was not unlike the trip going up there, uneventful for the most part, except for this girl who sat beside me and who asked to use my cellphone so she could text someone. i didn't have a problem with that, i was happy to lend her my phone, except that she asked to use it more than than 3 times, which annoyed me a bit because i was trying to get some sleep in. i didn't appreciate her interrupting my snooze to ask if the person she texted had texted her back. (i felt a little guilty after i found out later she barely had any money left and that she hadn't eaten lunch yet. no wonder she asked me how much the burger i was scarfing down cost during one of our rest stops).

so went my first trip to the city up north. if you ever have the chance, i highly recommend going on a trip alone. the most unexpected things can happen. who knows? they might even do you some good.


Anonymous Hazel said...

I intend to do just that in a few months' time. Wish me luck :)


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