Thursday, January 31, 2008

An Amazing Race Sandwich

They were in town for a few days, and of course I had to meet them. Paula (of Paula and Natasha) and Vanessa (of Pamela and Vanessa) were every bit as pretty and as charming as they are on The Amazing Race Asia Season 2. The 21 year-old Paula is a VJ and model in her native Thailand, while Vanessa manages the career of her brother, Malaysian singer Vince Chong. No, they didn't tell me who won the race, but of course, I knew well enough about the Race rules not to ask. They did talk about their experiences throughout the race, particularly Vanessa, who told me about her now famous "temporary amnesia" scare a couple of episodes back and her almost-breakdown driving that manual shift car en route to the pitstop in last week's episode. For the full stories of these Race-r hotties, plus some really sizzling photos, pick up a copy of Manual magazine (shameless plugging!) in the next couple of months.


Blogger Mhay said...

Hey Peej!

Wow, na-meet mo pala si Paula and Vanessa. Inggit si Bernadette Reyes niyan. Na-hook din kami ni Ederic sa TARA 2.

Congrats sa column!


2:49 PM  
Blogger aajao said...

chickboy! :P

10:23 AM  

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