Thursday, June 29, 2006


John Mayer's new album "Continuum" drops in 75 days. Judging by the new single "Waiting on the World to Change," I think it's going to be quite a departure from his acoustic, bubblegum-pop days in "Room for Squares" and tentative foray into more bluesy territory in "Heavier Things."

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I, for one, cannot wait.


Blogger hellgod said...

Room For Squares was bubble-gum pop? You mean like Britney Spears and the Moffats and all the boybands in the mid to late 90's?


2:49 AM  
Blogger peejay said...

hahaha. i didn't think anyone would notice that. RFS definitely isn't in the same category as britney and the boybands. siguro i just grouped that album in there because it really is unadulterated mainstream pop when you compare it with HT and his work with the john mayer trio. but you're right, it is misleading. siguro naalala ko lang yung linya sa YBIAW ("one pair of candy lips...and your bubblegum tongue...") hehe. =)

11:52 AM  

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