Monday, February 19, 2007

And it's only Monday...

Survived my first automobile mishap unscathed, thank god. Up until this morning I've been relatively accident-free since I first started driving Johnny around in mid-December (not counting that dude who backed up right into Johnny's right bumper a couple of weeks ago while I was parked outside the hotel during my brother's wedding reception). I suppose it was bound to happen, sooner or later, and I suppose, too, that I should be grateful I wasn't hurt, (except maybe my pride).

It happened in the middle of EDSA, northbound side, right in front of Megamall. Of course I would say that I don't think it was my fault, I was in the correct lane when this Nissan Adventure suddenly swerved right in front of me. Result: the signal light popped out and there's a nasty bump in Johnny's side.

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Poor Johnny

At least now I know what it's like to be in an accident. I can empathize with people I pass on highways, obstructing traffic while standing around looking like clueless chumps trying to figure things out. I'm actually a little proud I didn't panic. I was very calm while talking to the folks in the other vehicle and the MMDA guy, but I let them know that I was more than a little pissed (it helps to put them on the defensive). In the end we decided to just let it go. It was a different scene inside the car when I drove off though: I was screaming my lungs out and cursing like a neighborhood tambay to no one in particular. That must've helped; an officemate I spoke to on the elevator in my building said she was surprised I wasn't in a foul mood after such a lousy start to my week. Well I don't think there's much else to do other than charge this one to experience.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

ey has been a series of accidents for ur car and mine since last week pa ryte?
migeesh! wawa naman si baby kow din...

just always be careful ha...just because u may drive safely doesn't mean the roads are's a challenge every turn we take behind the wheel :-)

7:03 PM  

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