Wednesday, March 07, 2007

A Message of Concern

The slew of political ads currently polluting the airwaves are so unbelievably infuriating I can't help but switch channels or unconsciously mouth off an invective each time they come on. One thing I like about not working for the giant broadcast company anymore is that I don't have the obligation to tune in to local channels (especially when the news is on) anymore. Instead, I retreat to the familiar mess that is cable TV. If I sound like I'm being an elitist, that may be true, but I'd rather be called that than endure the desperation and sheer wretchedness of politicians stooping down to new lows to try to gain the attention of viewers, hoping that would translate into votes. I mean, how many times can one take the image of a distinguished senator dancing goofily to an inane song tailored to suit his needs (and his name)? How many times can one stand the image of obviously rotten-to-the-core politicians smiling cheekily and pretending to have the best interest of the masses at heart when all they really want is to cling on to power? And seriously, how can one even stomach the sheer audacity of more than a few of these so-called public servants who say one thing only to devour their words in favor of a spot in the lineup of a more favourable party? I'd have no trouble supporting someone whose opinion differs from my own but at least has the dignity to stand up for what he believes in despite the odds, rather than those who turn around and lick the ass of someone they used to crucify in the guise of "unity" and "team spirit." Barf.

The sad, inescapable fact is that we have to live with these political ads for another two and a half months, after which, once again, we as a nation would have to live with our choices. Is it too much to ask for people to be more discerning about the people they vote for? We all have our own ideas about what qualities a leader should possess, but is it really that hard to agree on who's too much of an ass to be given an honorific precursor to his or her name? I don't know about other people, but the chances of a candidate getting my vote is directly proportional to how bad his or her tv spot is; the more it sucks, the less likely their name will appear on my ballot. Call me shallow and irresponsible, but that's as good enough a gauge as I can get on just how effective and classy our local politicos are. (And we all know having lots of money does not necessarily guarantee a good advertisement)

Despite all my rants though, I highly encourage everyone out there to go out and vote in May. Apathy is never cool and anyone who doesn't exercise his or her right to suffrage does not have the right to bitch and complain about the government. Choose leaders who have impeccable records, who are steadfast in their beliefs and don't sell their principles, who are as idealistic as they are pragmatic, who can talk to the world but don't lose their patriotism, and who you know can truly make difference for the good of the country. But most important of all, vote for those who DO NOT DANCE AND POSE MAKE COMPLETE FOOLS OF THEMSELVES IN THEIR POLITICAL ADS.


Blogger Penny Lane said...


What would YOUR political ad be? Heehee.

5:59 PM  
Blogger peejay said...

wahaha. shempre pag ako dapat oscar-caliber ang ad ko. i'll cast you in it if you want. =P

2:00 PM  
Blogger Penny Lane said...

oh suuuuuure!!! i'd lurve to endorse you! :p

10:35 PM  
Anonymous aajao said...

who do you think 'trapos' are still needed in our government? if not, who among the non-trapos can replace them? do we have enough choices?

4:54 PM  
Blogger peejay said...

aajao: hate to admit it, but local elections to me have become less about choosing who the best person is for the job but rather who's the least likely to use it for personal gain. in other words, it's become an exercise in choosing the lesser of two (or all) evils. from the current list of senatorial candidates, nobody has a perfect, unblemished record. the trick is to try to find a candidate who could do more good than bad once he starts warming his seat in the senate. if you ask me, relatively new names don't necessarily guarantee major reforms, but i'll take that risk over tired old fogies who've never done anything other than grandstand and blow hot air over the place. go with your instincts. =)

12:16 PM  

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